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Aug 28 2012

You are a member of the sex class and the only way out is feminist revolt, by Jonah Lehrer

Remora photo borrowed from Britannica Online for Kids

This woman wants to standardize “discovery attribution” across the entire Internet. What is discovery attribution? Well, according to cross-disciplinary-interestingness-blogger Maria Popova, bloggers and Tweetists and the like are curators of information. We disperse ourselves throughout and infest the Internet, suctioning up the socio-bacterial output of popular culture like remoras clinging to a shadowy, infinite leviathan.* …

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May 22 2011

Brit royals pay homage to unidentified cartoon

royal cartoon

Origin unknown. Sent in by Tidy.

Apr 13 2011

Spinster aunt compulsively watches eaglecam

Male eagle feeds fish shards to E2. Screengrab from Decorah eaglecam.

Surely, because you have not spent the past week under a rock or in a cryogenic stasis of some kind, today’s heartwarming nature crap-cam recommendation is unnecessary. I allude to the Decorah bald eagles with which you are undoubtedly already obsessed, so I don’t need to explain that they’re a nesting pair raising 3 recently-hatched …

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Mar 26 2011

Incisive blamer commentary clippets of the day

Fig. 7. Unknown Artist. Kid trophy. 2009. Plastic and marble, 5 1/2″ x 3″. Collection of Finn Faster (age 5). From the colorful comments on the MacGyver post: Oppression is like kids’ soccer: we ALL get a trophy! — tinfoil hattie Hetero feminists are not all Stepford Wives, you know. — Jezebella If one partners …

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Nov 18 2010

It’s called evolutionary psychology, look it up

On the outside chance that there still exists a member of the Blametariat who has not seen Privilege Denying Dude, a quasi-amusing expression of the deep inner pain of the sex class and other perma-dissed persons, here ya go. Thanks to everyone who sent it in, particularly those whose emails began “I know you’ve already …

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Jul 27 2010

Spinster aunt has even less time today than yesterday

Until an actual patriarchy-blaming time slot opens up in a day or two, allow your absentee blogger to offer a) an award-nominated photograph of the leopard frog eggs found yesterday in the Spinstitute for Texas Herpetology Dept’s experimental algae-choked swamp of a former swimming pool, and b) this light and amusing BDSM-related interlude entitled “You’re …

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Jun 04 2010

Bubble-breakings of a entire fool

Remember when you first got the Internet? I don’t, but maybe you do. Maybe you remember how kooky those first few spams were? Penis enlargement! Baldness! Impotence! Bwahaha! Nigerian princes with money trouble! Bwahaha! Etc. Alas, those days are gone. Spam remains dude-centric, like all manifestations of patriarchal culture, but now it’s all banal lists …

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May 24 2010

Spinster aunt yearns for radfem wiki

Have you tacqueax seen this? I found it when I was researching TV tropes. It’s called TV Tropes. TV Tropes is a charmingly nerdy, somewhat dorkily written pseudo-scholarly reference work, a wiki-style compendium of literary conventions and devices used in television and beyond. Some of the tropes are direct from the good old literary canon, …

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Mar 08 2010

Blog? What? Um.


A few weeks ago I mentioned that I would be posting only intermittently, on subjects that nobody cares about, for a while. And I did not lie. To wit: This huge abstract pain is totally overpriced. Considering how easy it is to construct your own for free, out of practically nothing. Speaking of free pain, …

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Jan 30 2010

Spinster aunt goes to pieces

Oh no! A 40-second video of a dancing cartoon butt wreaks havoc with my neurotransmitters! Below, sent in by blamer Katie — thanks, Katie! — is the video that generated my paroxysm. According to my secretary Phil, the video is funny, but not as funny as I think it is.

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