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Jan 29 2010

There are molecules in the brain called “neurotransmitters”

Because of my award-nominated, it-is-highly-unlikely-that-you-are-qualified-to-post-here moderation policy — “Old Iron-Fist” is what they call me down at Spinster HQ — readers of I Blame the Patriarchy aren’t always exposed to mansplaining at standard Internet concentrations. I sometimes wonder if this is really all to the good, since mansplaining can be so goddam hilarious, and who …

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Jan 28 2010

Original iPad joke

Remember this vid from the Jerktassic Epoch? Jokes about menstruation are hilarious because menstruation is gross and alluding to it is fucking transgressive.

Jan 19 2010

Pre-abortion ultrasound laws generate amusing Onion vid

New Law Requires Women To Name Baby, Paint Nursery Before Getting Abortion Remember this, from last summer? Oklahoma is the only state in the nation that mandated a physician to both conduct an ultrasound and describe the images to the patient. “The ultrasound provision takes away a patient’s choice about whether or not to view …

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Dec 02 2009

Godbaggianism originates at cellular level

Need cash? Got any Jewish eggs? Sell’em on Craigslist for 8 large! No Methodist, Buddhist, or Secular Humanist eggs, please. God can tell the difference. True story: when my ovaries were amputated, biopsied, and interviewed by clerics, it was found that my eggs did not subscribe to any supernatural fantasies whatsoever (except one, which claimed …

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Nov 28 2009

Spinster aunt reads amateur op-ed piece

Every morning Google sends urgent feminist alerts to my inbox. It’s hilarious, the contexts in which writers of Internet crap chuck that word “feminist” around. — Rihanna has a new album; she left her abusive boyfriend, so she’s a feminist icon now. — You can wear false eyelashes and still be a feminist. — What …

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Nov 11 2009

Hugs, Twisty: Blaming now a recognized science

I Blame the Patriarchy has won an award! Dear Blog Owner, Our website is a informational databases and online news publication for anything and everything related to science and technology. We recently ran a poll asking our website users regarding what online informational resources they use to keep up to date or even to …

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Jul 20 2006

Just Click The Picture Already


[Gracias, Hedonistic Pleasureseeker, Pony]

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