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Feb 01 2014

“That can’t be sexual assault because it’s normal”

When I started I Blame the Patriarchy back in 2004, the idea was that I would out the gazillions of secret little misogynies hiding in plain sight in every woman’s life, and that, once revealed, they would all wither and die under the burning light of scrutiny, and women everywhere would be free at last. …

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Feb 07 2011

Spinster aunt mutters in Yiddish

If you are anti-IBTP-on-Facebook — and no spinster aunt can blame you for that — you have been spared the recent grim ennui of a painful exchange between a dude named Alexander who fancies himself feministically enlightened, and a blamer named Ana who does not entirely concur with Alexander’s self-assessment. It’s a classic Clueless-Dude Time-Drain. …

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Jan 26 2011

Death by femininity, again

If only pornography was just dirty pictures. That would still be bad, but not as bad as the real actual truth. Pornography — that is, the graphic representation of violence against women — is in fact like unto a thick, noxious gas percolating through every conceivable stratum of human culture. Take this example of multi-tiered …

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Jul 11 2010

Do you mind if I stalk you up close instead of from across the room?


Sure, I’ll smile, if you take this match and light your fucking mustache on fire. This week’s Sunday Morning Hurl comes from misogynist dude site runs a recurring feature dedicated to “pickup lines.” A pickup line is a phrase used by suave movie bachelors and doofus TV sitcom knobs (and, apparently, by dorks …

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Apr 23 2010

Spinster aunt reads boobquake emails

Hey folks, you can stop sending me the “boobquake” alert. Consider me apprised. What’s a “boobquake”? A reaction to some dude’s proclamation that saucy women showing cleavage are responsible for the recent catastrophic earthquakes, “Boobquake” is blogger Jen McCreight’s idea of “a boob joke.” Damn, those are always hilarious! McCreight’s boob joke was this: since …

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Feb 06 2010

Grinning moron hates wife

Patriarchy-blaming is a crappy business. The Internet feminist must beware the fine line, or slippery slope, or pot-calling-kettle-black, or hoist-on-own-petard or what have you, when aiming the Super Spinster Truth-Ray at stuff. Attention must be paid to the potential stinkiness of one’s own role in the proceeding. Care must be taken to inspect the fists …

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Dec 16 2009

Hugs, Twisty: jubjub birds et al

Correction Department

The Nashville Corrections Department, conveniently located adjacent to a Christian Science Reading Room and Balloon-A-Tune, is where you will find concerned rape preventionists Rita R. Reed and Benjamin F. Bean. A propos of scaremail forwards: [Dear Twisty,] Howdy! I was just the happy recipient of the following text message on my phone: Please be aware …

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Oct 16 2009

Ways In Which the Internet Sucks


Savage Death Island is happy to launch a new feature. It’s the greatly anticipated Ways In Which the Internet Sucks feature! We begin with a charming instance of Whataboutthemen?! appearing this morning on the Atlantic’s website. But first, the backstory: Meghan McCain — Young Republican, internet columnist, “Colbert Report” guest, and daughter of John — …

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Jul 16 2005

Rape Spam

You know rape spam? I allude to those rape-avoidance-tips emails, the kind written by “the police department” and sent by your well-meaning friend, warning you to always look under your car for attackers (or up in the trees for ninja attackers!), and to stroll around town with your keys sticking out of your white-knuckled fist. …

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Jul 11 2005

Comedy Joke

Ha! I know there must be some dudes out there that blog, but I can’t think of any. If you can think of any blogs written by people with external gonads, please leave them in the comments. I know the call for dude bloggers may seem silly or sexist, but it’s the chromosomes that count, …

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