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Mar 02 2012

Spinster aunt gives relationship advice to no one in particular

A prose poem by blamer Notorious PhD, hidden in yesterday’s comments, describes a tribal gathering on Savage Death Island. ************* Over tacos and margaritas, Sylvie announces to her radfem peers, “I’ve decided to take a Nigel.” Radfem besties exchange significant glances, then one says, “Are you sure that’s wise?” Sylvie whips out a pros and …

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Aug 04 2010

Poetry Korner with Jennifer

Today we revive a dormant tradition here at I Blame the Patriarchy, the tradition of showcasing blamer poetry, which tradition is dormant only because nobody has put a pome in the comments in a while. This one is particularly fine. It’s a goddam sonnet. Jennifer Weild August 4, 2010 at 1:01 pm Ask her nothing, …

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Oct 07 2009

Poetry Korner

If a blamer goes to the trouble of writing a blaming pome about a Dr Seuss character who hates hoes, I can go to the trouble of giving it its own page. Untitled by PandanCat I’ll have no hoes! No, no, noes! Hoes with clothes? No, no, noes! Hoes at shows? No, no, noes! Hoes …

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Apr 20 2009

“Life IS Life !!”: Commenter, in stunning intellectual leap, equates concept with itself

I tried to upload a photo of a painted bunting, but this proved impossible, as it turns out I haven't actually taken any pictures of any painted buntings. Instead, please enjoy this photo of the spinster aunt's winsome young relative Finn. We were all surprised when her face did get stuck like that.

It must be annoying, dealing with a spinster aunt who only pretends to be an Internet feminist. I admit it; I have been moonlighting as a flesh-and-blood person lo these past few days, flitting around the countryside as though the Internet didn’t even exist. Spring is boinging up all over the rancho, and — not …

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Aug 06 2008

Veteran blamer lyricizes her way to a chin nod

I brushed a tear from the Twisty eye when I read this, The Rev. Lt. BDL’s latest. Because now I’ve got that fucking song “Wildfire” stuck in my head. Thanks, good buddy! I hope to infect you with 70’s novelty hit “Convoy” someday. Ten four. A perfect opportunity to speculate on your death, sing an …

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Jul 19 2008

Musical interlude with Nellie McKay


I was sitting around in my interior designer Ed’s studio yesterday. In willing compliance with my request to help me “funny up” the new Spinster HQ at El Rancho Deluxe, he was showing me pictures of some offbeat lamps for my office. One of these was a white plastic Venus de Milo bust that glows …

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Mar 23 2008

The little-known lyric souls of blamers

Occasionally a blamer, moved to an alternate plane of expression by sparks of unknown genius, will respond to a patriarchy-blaming post with a fit of poetic impulse. Hardly any of these deserve wider recognition, but I won’t let that stop me. Herewith, the first installment of The Poetical Blamer. On the subject of PhysioProf’s account …

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