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Apr 23 2010

Spinster aunt reads boobquake emails

Hey folks, you can stop sending me the “boobquake” alert. Consider me apprised. What’s a “boobquake”? A reaction to some dude’s proclamation that saucy women showing cleavage are responsible for the recent catastrophic earthquakes, “Boobquake” is blogger Jen McCreight’s idea of “a boob joke.” Damn, those are always hilarious! McCreight’s boob joke was this: since …

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Mar 30 2010

Scum: not the real enemy


Sick of beauty? Dang it, me too. That’s why I’m posting on it more or less nonstop. Blamer Magriff, reading yesterday’s post on how beauty is dumb, suggested that for crying out loud, people, shut the fuck up about beauty. She based her suggestion on the notion that writing about beauty merely perpetuates its evil …

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Mar 29 2010

I like pie

Feminists always have to go around explaining that they don’t hate men. The man-hater accusation is the standard response to anything a feminist might say. Feminist: One in five women will be sexually assaulted on campus by the time she graduates. Antifeminist: You’re just a man-hater! Feminist: But I’m quoting a report from the Department …

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Nov 15 2009

Same stupak, different day

I Blame the Patriarchy marches to the beat of a different news cycle, so this may be ancient history to you, but, Stupak! I propose that “stupak” be incorporated into common usage as a verb meaning “to ensure political victory by means of screwing women over bigtime.” My mind is not boggled that the health …

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Sep 28 2009

“Hip, hip, hooray for BDSM!” Comment Excerpt of the Week

From the moderation queue: “I find your broad categoraization [sic] of BDSM to be rather narrow minded.” Pure poetry.* Another textbook-style internet ode to painfully silly rape-based patriarchy-reenactment boinking is probably not on your list of Great Works I Must Read Before I Die. However, the commenter I have quoted — who inconveniently signs herself …

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Sep 02 2009

Tyra wants you


Airbrushed TV hottie seeks mother with “feminist viewpoint.” Photo from Howdy blamers. You know how I am constantly getting emails from people who have no idea what I Blame the Patriarchy is but tell me it’s “great” and hope to use it for their own patriarchy-affirming ends, usually by selling stuff? Here’s an appeal …

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Jun 27 2009

Spinster aunt listens to podcast

Speaking of human trafficking and modern slavery, check out this podcast of a recent “To The Best of Our Knowledge” program entitled “The New Abolitionists.” The first segment of the podcast features Maria Suarez, who at the age of 16 was lured away from her family by the promise of a domestic position with an …

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Jun 21 2009

Spinster aunt longs to bathe lobe

Ever since the Lightning Strike of Aught Nine took out my radio tower and my satellite and the computer running the missile silos I have aimed at various undisclosed megatheocorporatocratic installations, I’ve been out of the loop. I just heard that David Letterman told a tasteless joke about Willow Palin getting knocked up. I don’t …

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May 28 2009


Just checking in to see how my “indictment” is going. I see I have been voted off Savage Death Island. Brilliant. Oh, looky. I’m likened to Don Imus! Ha! Good one. And several demands for a public apology, as though I were some elected official who has trodden upon Roe v Wade in a pair …

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May 23 2009

Spinster aunt disagrees with columnist she agreed with that one time

This cuntalina opines in the Daily Mail that women who don’t have kids “lack […] an essential humanity.” That’s why she only wants “working mothers” on her staff. Her job is something she calls a “hack.” I don’t know what a “hack” is, but it apparently requires a familiarity with the experience of child vomit …

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