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Jan 22 2009

Godbag medical professional inflicts views on unsuspecting patient, with hilarious results!

Regular blamers have an iron grip on the notion that men hate women, but have been, on occasion, reluctant to accept the categorization of certain of my posts under the banner “Women Hate You.” Supposedly the concept is divisive or anti-woman or something. Faugh, I say. Plenty of women do hate you, vehemently, and for …

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Jan 09 2009

Spinster aunt posts link

A propos of funfeminism, blamer Shambles sends along this amusing link.

Aug 16 2008

When women don’t blame

To those blamers who are anxious that amateur video with sub-par production values is now the “new format,” be of good cheer. A good spinster aunt knows her strengths. I do not intend to infest the blog with my vulgar extempore prattling on a daily basis. To those who complain that they prefer essays that …

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Jul 20 2008

Pornulation empowerfulizes us, say humorous ironic hotties

Gawd, remember that hipster burlesque crap from the 90’s? I thought it was over, but no, it lives on. An article in today’s Kansas City Star about a “neo-burlesque” show in town is headlined thusly: “Burlesque’s practitioners find humor, art and feminism in their risqué shows”. Fun feminism, that is.”Neo” burlesque is funny and ironic, …

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Jul 12 2008

Women’s essential receptacleness affirmed independently by separate jagoffs

Blamer Monika informs me that this ‘male feminist’ Kyle Payne dude links to I Blame the Patriarchy on his male feminist anti-rape blog. Eeww. I need a hot shower. Who is Kyle Payne? An Iowa blogger who claimed to use activism and education to promote “a more just and life-affirming culture of sexuality” for women, …

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Jan 26 2007

Good news, bad news


A little lite reading at a DC bus stop. Photographed and originally uploaded by techne, some rights reserved. First, the bad news. Get a load of this poster, photographed by DC blogger/photographer techne at a Washington DC bus hut. The poster features a faceless young woman’s body, its physique of porn-approved dimensions, clothed in what …

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Jan 20 2007

Parents of today: sex up those babies!


What the moron’s baby is wearing this season. Originally uploaded by Jenny at Bombadee’s Garden. Think your infant girl might not be exuding quite enough sex-appeal? No problem. Afraid she might somehow manage to fly in the face of convention and grow up unencumbered with the cold, crippling despair of self-hatred? Got ya covered. I …

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Oct 01 2006

I Got Yer Boobython Right Here


It won’t cost you nothin’ to see my rack shot. I wasn’t going to write about this Boobie-Thon thing, mostly because (a) it’s getting plenty of publicity already, and (b) it seems that those involved are motivated by decent enough intentions that anything I say will require me to field a bunch of dreary “how …

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