Reading List

A few basic texts to put you in the mood:

Twisty Faster. Patriarchy-Blaming The Twisty Way. How to get the most out of your patriarchy-blaming experience. Highly recommended for first-time posters. This is, in fact, the FAQ.

Andrea Dworkin. Intercourse

Andrea Dworkin. Right-Wing Women

Amy Schumer. Inspirational speech about when drunken louts pass out on your boobs after you foolishly show up for a booty call.

Germaine Greer. The Female Eunuch

Simone De Beauvoir. The Second Sex. (new translation!)

Shulamith Firestone. The Dialectic of Sex

Joanna Russ. How to Suppress Women’s Writing

Valerie Solanas. S.C.U.M Manifesto. Our traditional holiday text. “To be sure he’s a `Man’, the male must see to it that the female be clearly a `Woman’, the opposite of a `Man’, that is, the female must act like a faggot.”

Barbara Ehrenreich. “Welcome To Cancerland.” “[A]lthough we may imagine ourselves to be well past the era of patriarchal medicine, obedience is the message behind the infantilizing theme in breast-cancer culture, as represented by the teddy bears, the crayons, and the prevailing pinkness.”

Feminist Primers: a blamer-generated reading list.

Here’s another blamer-generated reading list.

Blamers sound off on that shitnozzle libertarian Heinlein, sci-fi, and more!


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  1. sssenca

    Love your writing, thanks for the reading list X

  2. Ashley

    I came across this appalling site and thought you might have a thing or two to say about the absolute putridity that spews from it:

  3. Medea

    You might like to take a look at “The Equality Illusion”, by Kat Banyard. She’s a young British feminist and she’s REALLY awesome.

  4. Mary Pauline Lowry

    Hi There!

    I’m a native Austinite and writer and I heard about your blog recently from my producer Suzanne Warren, who lives in L.A. and says she reads your blog first thing in the morning everyday:)

    I’ve been working in the movement to end violence against women for a gajillion years and love your writing. I wanted to send along a piece that I wrote last week that I thought you would get a kick out of. It’s called Art and Adventure: A Manifesto for Women and Grrls. Here’s the link.

    I’m sorry I’m sending this as a comment instead of a regular email. I’m a dumdum and couldn’t figure out a regular email.

    I blame the patriarchy, too,

  5. Dr Paul W Landerman

    Although i am a confirmed member of the Patriarchy (by plumbing more than politics) I have discovered and fallen in love with your blog in less than an afternoon. Best wishes!

  6. Sistertongue

    Yes!! I knew my sisters were out here somewhere. TG you blew the door on the airlock before I succumbed to the noxious fumes of the patriarchy once and for all. And, what a relief to find such an hilarious intelligence wafting through the corridors of the mothership here.

    I was doing all of this 30 years ago and, well, it was all just a bit too serious and heavy then, just like the jeans/whiteshirts/vests uniforms of early dykedom. A little too tight, if you know what I mean. So glad to find you.

    Love your humor and the twists of your pen. i will be reading regularly to lighten the s–load of the patriarchy. They’ve always been to blame . .

  7. Saurs

    Twisty, when you did put this bit–

    “Thanks a ton for stating your opinions. Being a writer, I am always in need of unique and different solutions to think about a topic. I actually uncover fantastic creativity in doing this. Many thanks.” — Health Fitness

    –in your sidebar, and what’s the story behind it? I mean, if you’re fucking around with the Health & Fitness people, I want to know about it. We all want to know about it. If you could say something mean to the Men’s Health douches, and get them to respond in similar form, that would also be groovy.

  8. Saurs

    (Not that I am suggesting you devote less time to your sabbatical / hiatus / drinking games, &c &c, you are busy and so forth.)

  9. stef

    I love you. Feminist critique + sarcasm = day improved. And a reading list too!! (ok have read a lot of them already)

  10. marysue5252

    I was looking for a quote I had attributed to Gloria Steimen (It was Germaine Greer’s) and found your delightful website en route:) Yeah, men hate us and don’t even have the sentience to acknowledge it, nor the inclination to rectify it. But then, men are only partly human. They’re basically a different shade of humanoid–the non-sapien type. They don’t have the extra X which lack makes them prone to defects from the outset., esp. in the frontal lobes. The only blessing is men generally die before us, so we get a few years of extra peace, if we’re tied to a male. That’s why cancer of the breasts (via plastics in our food) was invented-to get back at women for living longer;).

  11. Givesgoodemail

    As per the bookclubish conversations we held here back in the day about Ms. Firestone’s book, one best not take the chapters on race with anything less than a shipping container’s worth of sodium chloride.

    Carry on.

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