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Feel free to email me with suggestions for posts, or with links to this and that. In addition to patriarchy news in need of blaming, I also enjoy emails about dogs, Texas politics, kitchen gadgets, and how great you think I am. However.

My circumstances have changed since I began writing this blog, and frequently my spinster auntly duties prevent my spending much time at my desk. Thus it is with deep regret that I can no longer claim with any certainty that I will be able to respond to every email. If you have sent a civil communiqué but do not hear back from me, I beg you, do not consider it a personal snub.


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  1. Pilot


    You are fantastic, and this comes from somewhere deep.

    Struggling through the cusp of adulthood, trying to formulate my dissatisfaction and anger at bruising reality, your site was/is the tip to my arrow of reason.

    Before I found this site, I estranged in my little world. As you already know the insecure male 18-34 crowd – especially in mass media – oozes an excess of misogyny (finalizing a lifetime of indoctrination I suppose). Being bombarded with information that I am a weak, worthless, and stupid piece of sex-meat consistently for the past 8 years had done its work.

    Naturally, I couldn’t come up with any evidence (other than internalized misogyny) in my own person to support society’s common inclinations about women and womanhood.

    However, my only philosophical/empirical ammunition to combat distressing feelings of worthlessness consisted of fumbling notions of egalitarianism and gut feeling of ‘it just isn’t right.’

    Then Twisty came along.

    Your site verbalizes – hilariously I might add – my vague notions, creeping inclinations, and downright depressing realizations about the world I am increasingly aware of and already disenchanted with at the tender age of 20.

    Reading IBTP literally changed my increasingly derogative and contradictory relationship between my ‘gender’ and I, and I cannot thank you enough for that. This blog gave me the validation I desperately needed to reinforce the wordless convictions long-brewing in my throat, evidence that I don’t take society a little too seriously, and an unfortunately necessary reminder that ‘feminist’ is not a dirty word.

    Thank you so much. I assume blogging is a laborious and time-consuming task. If there was something I could give back for all the good you’ve done for me I certainly would.

    Hopefully though, my thanks makes a little impact on the work/benefit disparity.



  2. Stacey

    Just have to tell you that you are my new hero! :) I have no idea how I found your website but I love it. Living in Texas has been hard on this feminist and its exciting to know I am not alone. If you’re ever in Greenville (Texas, that is) and need a home cooked meal…just say the word.

  3. Sarah

    Scottish feminist loving your work. Will pass on your blog address round the network at this end of the pond.

  4. redpeachmoon

    Oh Thank you for being here!! I am right now trying to respond to a total jerk on FB who is posting porn shit and taunting me with it.. I wish I had your writing skills and brilliant wit! you could slay him… and make me so happy.
    Just please don’t go away Jill!

  5. Jezebella

    Dear Jane: Unfriend that FB jerkhead, toot-sweet. I do it all the time.

  6. Bev Jo


    A friend just sent me your link and I like it a lot. Love the anti-patriarchy and nature parts too. Love that argiope spider. Love your response to Komen. Hate them too, hate most doctors als.

    I was concerned though about your radioactive test, which of course causes more cancer and damages the heart (dental x-rays too — all x-rays.) I have some info on safer tests and also, if cancer is a concern again, my old pal, Linda, has survived 2 very rare and fast-growing completely separate cancers, partly by saying no to doctor’s treatments (other than for surgery.) She has info she shares with other women about support to say no to doctors and alternative methods she used.


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