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A Handbook for Commenters

This is a feminist blog. It discusses feminism from the point of view that the value of the liberation of women from patriarchal oppression is not itself a matter of debate. In order to be considered suitable for posting here, your remarks must proceed from within a framework of radical feminist theory. Thanks!

Please refer to the Guidelines for Blamers.

Commenting Policy Overview

This is a feminist blog. It discusses feminism from the point of view that the value of the liberation of women from patriarchal oppression is not itself a matter of debate. In order to be considered suitable for posting here, your remarks must proceed from within a framework of radical feminist theory. This means you …

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Dudes make lousy feminists. Therefore, by popular demand, this blog endeavors to cultivate dude-free discourse. Any comment that expresses views proceeding from any discernible male-identified perspective, even if it is superficially pro-feminist, is not suitable for posting here. Generally speaking, this means: If you’re a dude, don’t post here. Don’t use the comments section either …

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Guidelines for Blamers

Section A. Blamer Prerequisites 1. Blamers must exhibit advanced patriarchy-blaming skills. Don’t post here until you know what this means. The degree of advancement expressed by any given comment is to be determined by me, entirely subjectively. 2. Blamers should strive for excellence. Everyone dislikes reading un-excellent comments. 3. Blamers should make as many jokes …

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  1. Define this at I Blame The Patriarchy

    […] The comments section will remain open, and the much-ignored and tragically unenforceable Comments Guidelines will remain in effect, and blamers will, as always, be encouraged to let fly with the first brilliant thing that comes into their heads, and I will continue to look in on the proceedings from time to time. I’m afraid, however, that the level of service you can expect will be exactly what you pay for. This means it’s inevitable that I will not catch every little slight, every instance of bigotry, every perfectly innocent comment that for some reason or other got hung up in the totally automated moderation queue. […]

  2. XX at I Blame The Patriarchy

    […] Yesterday I asked yew-all what the word ‘woman’ means. Thanks to those of you who answered; it was sporting of you, considering that I had just posted a curmudgeonly amendment to the Comment-o-festo consisting of “I have not solicited your commentary, so shut the fuck up.” And considering that whenever I ask a dumb question like that, I mean only to be a smart-ass later. […]

  3. Delayed reactions to broken news: body image edition at Vortex(t)

    […] *For two excellent examples of this enviable ‘toughness’ quality in feminist bloggers, to which I can only hope to aspire, see here for how Ariel summed up the aforementioned shitstorm situation, and Twisty’s characteristically hilarious Guidelines for Commenters. […]

  4. Inner workings of moderation process exposed at last at I Blame The Patriarchy

    […] information about commenting and comment moderation at I Blame the Patriarchy can be found here, here, and here. Naturally, since I wrote all the stuff in those links, it’s pretty wordy, […]

  5. Rumproast Frequently Answered Questions « Noddies

    […] days I think Twisty Faster has the right idea about comments. Here is just a sampler: • Bear in mind that I have not forced […]

  6. Hugs, Twisty: “I just need to commandeer your uterus for a sec.” at I Blame The Patriarchy

    […] you know, bilbertson, from having read the FAQ twice — for certainly you did not omit to complete this small patriarchy-blaming prerequisite […]

  7. Gentle reminder of the week « I Blame The Patriarchy

    […] the relevant passage from our award-nominated manifesto, Patriarchy-Blaming the Twisty Way: Guidelines for Commenters: If you find yourself commenting more than 2 or 3 times on a given post, please consider shutting […]

  8. Public Service Announcement and Comment Policy : : JAMILA

    […] Here are my new commentator rules. I borrowed heavily from Jill of I Blame The Patriarchy in coming up with these rules; some rules are direct quotations from her blog: […]

  9. As is her wont, spinster aunt continues writing about yesterday’s post « I Blame The Patriarchy

    […] No time to post this morning, so I thought to mildly amuse by publishing a selection of reject-pile comments from the post I wrote yesterday. These were all authored, if you can believe it, by people who did not read the Guidelines for Commenters! […]

  10. Spinster aunt executes close reading of benign remark, exposes hidden meanings! « I Blame The Patriarchy

    […] Blame the Patriarchy’s superfatted Guidelines For Commenters already contains a plea for the excision of the first person singular from the Blametarium; it […]

  11. Spinster aunt mutters in Yiddish « I Blame The Patriarchy

    […] the sex restriction by going incognito. I got no problem with that as long as they complete the prerequisites, never use the personal pronoun “I,” and knock it off already with the fucking […]

  12. In which I gaze into my navel (or the blog’s navel) | Who Does She Think She Is?

    […] … yes, sort of. I’ve found myself reading a lot of feminist blogs (proper ones like this one, not ones that are half-arsed just a bit about feminism like mine). I’m tweeting sporadically […]

  13. The trouble with rationalizing the numbers trouble. A logic problem. - Montevidayo

    […] you believe my time is worth anything–and dispiriting process). I’m developing  a very Twisty Faster reaction to the topic. If you don’t know the numbers are skewed, if you don’t understand what […]

  14. beauty, folly, and the patriarchy « Gingerrrama

    […] This is what the blamer should know before commenting. […]

  15. Kommentarfunktion « anarchie & lihbe

    […] diesem interessanten Artikel in der Süddeutschen und inspiriert von den zackigen Regeln, die auf I Blame The Patriarchy herrschen, verbreite ich meine Gedanken zu den Themen trollen, […]

  16. in praise of LOL « The Praise of Folly

    […] favourite spinster aunt has a delightful take on this, in her guidelines for commenters. Here are some excerpts, on a more language-y note: These simple rules will improve your prose and […]

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