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Q: What’s an “MRA”?

A: Massively [W]rong Asshole. Or ‘men’s rights activist’.

Q: Why don’t the Odd Lady want none of them in her car?

A: MRAs are patriarchy-deniers. The ideologies of this violent and knobbish subset of the Male Dominion spring from male fear of women’s personal sovereignty, and manifest in practice as active misogyny. Men suffer, O how they suffer, at the hands of subhuman conniving bitches who seek world domination through insane women-are-human propaganda and the misguided attempt to claim their own internal organs as private property. The MRA imagines that women’s interests control and abuse him in an ever more feminized world; he erroneously sees himself as a battered victim of women’s agency, rather than what he actually is: a moron.

The goals of the men’s rights “movement” include, but are not limited to:
• supporting legislation that would give men an edge in child custody battles.
• the right to hijack another human being’s personal uterus if the MRA suspects his sacred genetic material is involved in an embryo contained therein.
• promulgating baseless claims that men are in constant danger of physical assault by legions of villainous females, and that there exists some kind of vast matriarchal conspiracy to cover this up.
• the practice of beating up women, kidnapping her kids, going on the lam, convincing family court judges that the woman is crazy, and summarily escaping jail time.

Anyone who cries “what about the men?” in a radical feminist forum is, whether he likes it or not, an MRA sympathizer.

If you’re ever bored of a rainy afternoon, and feel that an inundation of hate mail and death threats would be just the thing to break up the ennui, try dropping this factbomb at an MRA forum:

“Abusive fathers are far more likely than nonabusive parents to fight for child custody, not pay child support, and kidnap children.”[cite]


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  1. Amy

    I couldn’t agree more, but you left out how MRA’s (a.k.a father’s right organizations)want to put children, especially sexually abused children back in the hands of the fathers that abuse them. I am a surviver of a father’s right organization that blamed my mother and said that even a sexually abusive father is better than none. I stand with you in the blaming of patriarchy! Keep up the GREAT work!!

  2. J.Moufawad-Paul

    You also left out that you can recognize the MRA by his unique and non-sensical bird-cry “misandry.”

  3. Shinila

    “… he erroneously sees himself as a battered victim of women’s agency, rather than what he actually is: a moron.”

    Ha ha ha.

    Not fogetting how the MRA reasons without logic like no other fucker. You can actually get every MRA to admit in a quieter hour that women are a million years from equality. When he’s boasting with a beer after beating up his kids. That these idiots form a ’cause’ is beyond me. I mean even the Nazi initiative began with recovering from a damaged economy. Only after gaining population support came Mein Kampf. MRAs just get right in there with stupidity, hate, circular reasoning and fallacy after fallacy. They’re a joke. They also, urm, roam about in batman capes *shudder*.

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