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Opposing viewpoints

Dissenting opinions must clearly exhibit philosophic value. Antifeminist comments will not be admitted into discussion (except as comic relief). Disruptive comments, and responses to them, will be removed.

Please click here for the definition of antifeminism I use on this blog.

With my keen sense of the inevitable, I divine that you are about to accuse me of “censorship,” or to protest that I am only interested in preaching to the choir. Allow me to remind the reader that this is a feminist blog. It discusses feminism from the point of view that the value of the liberation of women from patriarchal oppression is not itself a matter of debate. Therefore, while alternative viewpoints may be grudgingly tolerated, in order to be considered suitable for posting here, these views must proceed from within a framework of radical feminist theory.

If you don’t know what radical feminism is, don’t post here.