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Savage Death Island

Savage Death Island is the patriarchy blamer’s home world, where there are plenty of margaritas and no dudes.


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  1. Fictional Queen

    That sounds brilliant.

  2. Clara


    I want a ticket to Savage Death Island, cause I’m Brazilian and women here are no more than a bunch of asses, prepared and grieving for a nice dude.

    You would not believe what is “culture” here.

    Somedays I think I’m gonna die. Family, friends, guys, everbody’s crazy!

  3. Rachel

    Hey, I love your work! Thanks for actually being a true original voice and independent spirit in this wishy-washy world of “post-feminists.” It’s nice to hear someone with an unapologetic kickass stance about the oppressive society we live in.

    I wanted to offer to you a little catch phrase my sister invented in response to the idea (a few posts back) about castrating men and creating sperm banks to alleviate all of the evils the male sex imposes on the world, the environment, women, etc. : “Snippity snap! Don’t talk back!”

    I thought it was pretty clever and zingy! I might make tee-shirts.
    Have a great day!

  4. sarah melville

    Thanks for this blog Twisty. What’s the mother of a young son to do? I’m a completely unpornified solo mom, always hated make-up and heels and the other cultural signifiers of subjugation. Spending most of his time with me I like to think my son will see women as fellow humans. But, the world outside my door is pornified and woman-hating. The patriarchy has colonized our collective consciousness, and porn is all pervasive. How do I protect my son from being slimed by this pernicious imagery? Unless his generation turns out differently he will eventually succumb to pressures of the patriarchy.

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