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Welcome To Cancerland

Welcome to Cancerland: A Mammogram Leads to a Cult of Pink Kitsch by Barbara Ehrenreich used to be published on this page in its entirety. This was back in the olden days before I fully appreciated the implications of intellectual property and stuff like that in the digital age. So now it’s a link.

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  1. Visiopoetics » Blog Archive » Relay for Life

    […] To donate to the good folks who snagged this painting and organized much shabanging associated with this iteration of anti-cancerlation, go here. To read Barbara Ehrenreich’s critique of the cancer culture aptly and accidentally referenced in my donated painting, click here. […]

  2. Visiopoetics » Blog Archive » Breast Cancer Fundraiser at Panera Bread

    […] To learn about more events associated with the U.Va. Cancer Center, click here. To read Barbara Ehrenreich’s classic critique of the cancer culture, click here. […]

  3. Visiopoetics

    […] Center, click here. To read Barbara Ehrenreich’s classic critique of the cancer culture, click here. To read a poem that goes with the painting/auction, click […]

  4. The problem with the ‘pink’ charity « blue milk

    […] I have long supported breast cancer fundraising I increasingly have problems with the broader fundraising initiatives of the Pink Ribbon campaign. This particular campaign, being run by PartSelect is a good case in […]

  5. “TMI, Ladies!” or, Why Posting Your Bra Colour is Stupid at Best and Harmful at Worst. « From Ottawa to D.C.

    […] raise money. Unfortunately, the amount of money required to organize these events often means that more than a third of money raised goes towards event costs. Getting people to just hand over cheques would be far more effective. […]

  6. Visiopoetics

    […] it. But it’s not what the cancer industry will do, because they’re more interested in painting everything pink “for a cure!” than in asking why some common consumer goods are […]

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